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Case No. 06 - Answer


Double calcaneum in Larsen syndrome

Imaging findings on this radiograph

  • Double calcaneum ( arrows)

  • Midfoot dislocation ( block arrow)

Radiograph of the same child showing bilateral hip and knee joint dislocations

D.D of supernumerary ossification centres at calcaneum ( double/ triple calcaneum)

- Larsen syndrome ( Filamin B mutation)

- Short rib polydactyly syndrome

- Thanatophoric dysplasia



Imaging findings of Larsen syndrome

  • Multiple joint dislocations

  • Double calcaneum

  • ‘too many’ carpal bones

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  1. R Praveen Kesav

  2. Anuradha Dawani

  3. Sayema Sayema

  4. Taruna Yadav

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